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Chief Instructor at Sensei Sheikh Karate & Kickboxing Academy is…

Sensei Sheikh Muhammad Layek Miah

Sensei Sheikh Muhammad Layek Miah began his study of Karate aged 10 yrs old and joined the aged 15 when he began Academic training under DSKC.

At the age of 16 he joined SKA.

Sensei Sheikh Muhammad Layek Miah has spent time as part of the SKA Kata and Kumite squads & participated in the several International Karate competition in India (3rd place 2001) & in Nepal (2nd Place 2002).

End of 2002 he joined with KKC BFD later 2003 joined with Heavenly Dragon Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing Academy.

In the year 2008 joined with BKFBD and currently with A Class Martial Art with Honourable Sensei Jaz Bhatt.

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